TGIFF!! (Thank Goodness It's FiberNet Friday!!)

Well, another week goes by and another significant milestone has been reached here at Marshall FiberNet!! We completed our 400th installation this week!! We have a long list to go, but we have added more personnel in our effort to get more customers online and enjoying the awesome network we are deploying!!!
We have almost entirely completed the Eastern underground phase (O’Keefe/Woodruff etc) and are now falling in behind our construction partners as they build their way North and West!! We are pleased with our progress so far, and and hope to continue to accelerate our pace in the next few weeks as more network becomes available…
Be on the lookout for incoming calls from 781.3985!!!! We are continuously calling people scheduling different aspects of the installation process!!! PLEASE ANSWER!!! Or if we leave a message, please call back!!! If we can’t reach you, we can’t schedule you!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!!
~Team FiberNet~