Residential installs in high gear!!! Council moves ball forward!!

What a difference a few weeks makes!!!

Things have been very busy around Marshall these days, especially at Marshall FiberNet!!

Since the start of residential installations began in late February, we have steadily picked up steam as the individual “Node sites” have come online.

We now have 4 active node sites, servicing roughly 16% of the city’s neighborhoods.  There will be 25 node sites throughout the city, so we have come far, but we have a long way to go as well!!   Today marks a major milestone in FiberNet history, as we will hit our 100th customer!!!!!

Highlights from Monday’s city council meeting pertaining to FiberNet include several key developments… Council approved the contract awards for two of the remaining phases of construction, the underground-utilities section of town centered around O’Keefe/Wooded Ln, as well as approving the contract for the remaining aerial-utility areas not in our current phase of construction!!!  These phases are in addition to the construction already underway in the downtown district.  Crews are pulling fiber through the manhole/vault system that will link the nodes at City Hall and the Parking Structure.

A total so far of 12 node sites have been placed, with fiber being placed and spliced at a steady rate.  The next two phases will add 8 more, combined this represents roughly 80% of the city…the remaining nodes are in some of the smaller buildouts…  As we go we will continue to design, bid, and build the remaining neighborhoods with an eye on beating our completion goal originally laid out as April of 2019.  An immense amount of work goes into the process, and we thank the people of Marshall for their patience, we are building a state of the art fiber network that people will thoroughly appreciate using, and has already been a source for economic development as we have received several calls from people who are interested in locating offices in Marshall to take advantage of steady fast broadband!!