Residential installation to start next week!!

Tech Highlight of the year!!!This is the first “Node” that is one of 24 total that will be placed around the city to provide individual neighborhoods with service, as well as to provide redundant routing coverage to the other nodes in a spider-web effect.

This means next week we will be lighting up residential customers!!!

Team FiberNet has been “working ahead” running service drops and taking other steps to speed up installation times once the nodes are fully complete!!

Note: The nodes will go in individually as the neighborhoods are made ready for connection. We do not need them all to be in to start, but we do need to have a considerable amount of fiber splicing, and electrical work to be completed before the last remaining bit of router/switch configuration can be completed and then it’s GAME ON!!!!

SO, what does this mean for you? It means if you haven’t already, GET ON THE LIST!!! We have 750 people on the list already, and guess who is getting called first!! (Hint: those on the list)

We thank the community for your continued support and patience, we are making great progress and will be ramping up the installation efforts in the days and weeks to come in our vigorous efforts to catch up to expectations!!!!