Quick update as residential installations near!!

Happy post-Snowmageddon!!!
A big shout out to the City street department for handling the snow this past week!!!
OK, a quick update on FiberNet…
We are continuing to work with our construction partners to get a few neighborhoods complete to the point where we can start residential installations. There are 4 neighborhoods that should be coming together and complete enough to start installations in the next 3-4 weeks. We have been slowed as you can imagine by the weather, but we have been using this time period productively by running drops (the line from the pole to the house) for over 60 people so far in the neighborhoods that will be ready first… We are currently waiting on the placement of our “nodes” the sites where our electronics will be located around the city. Once the nodes are in place, the fibers that are already deployed will have to be spliced into the electronics. With each fiber that gets spliced, a customer is ready for service!! We have been reaching out to the customers on the “I’m interested” list that are in these neighborhoods and scheduling the outside work for the past few weeks. The wait is almost over!! We will get to everyone!! Please be patient!! The design for the next phases is already underway, and we will be bidding and awarding those construction contracts soon!!! Watch this space for further updates!!!