Progress! Progress!! Progress!!!

Greetings everyone!!

Team FiberNet has had a very busy summer so far!!!  Instead of taking in ballgames and cooking hot dogs, we’ve been working diligently to bring the finest Municipal internet project in America to fruition!!!!  We are now nearing the final turn on the construction side of the project!!  This past week we released the RFP (Request For Proposal) for what we’re calling Phase 6, which is comprised of the directional boring, construction and node placement for the 4 remaining “underground” sections of the city.  Where are these areas you ask? Good Question!  Basically they are as follows:  Rose street(just off Hughes) Brewer Woods/Farms, Sherman/Wright Ln/Prestancia, and finally the remaining parts of the Winston Ct end of the business loop district.  A few odds and ends may be included to ensure our goal and mandate of making the network 100% available to 100% of the city are achieved…. This phase of construction will entail over 23,000 feet of conduit which will be placed, as well as 19,500 feet of directional boring, and 16,488 feet of fiber MSTs.(the terminals for hookup to the house).  The numbers aren’t even because there are existing conduits for the 15,000 feet of fiber that will also be placed…(approx) and some conduit will be placed without fiber but reserved for planned future use…

We are currently approximately halfway through the “Aerial West” phase, which will complete all of the above-ground construction.  As we bring neighborhoods up to a completed status, we are reaching out to the people on “The I’m Interested List”.  We are reaching out by phone and by email to residents and businesses in the areas where construction is already completed every day.  We currently have a backlog of approximately two weeks for installation.  As we are fond of saying around here: “We’ll get to everyone!! We promise!!”

So enjoy your summer!! We are!!!