Progress notes...

Ok, on behalf of Team FiberNet, we thought it was time to put out a quick update on the status of the FiberNet project.

The project is proceeding in a series of stages, many building off of the previous steps in the process.  Right now, we are putting some finishing touches on the “Backbone” construction (Phase 1).  We have a few things that have delayed us, shortages of materials related to the hurricanes in Florida and Texas combined with an associated shortage of labor has resulted in a slight delay.  We have since moved forward with the design and the bidding stages of Phase 2, with City Council having approved a contract for the labor and material portions.  Construction should start next week on what we are referring to as “Aerial East” which encompasses all aerial construction (as opposed to underground utility construction) and incorporates roughly 60% of the city.  As the network is constructed, and we are able to make connections into the backbone, we will be reaching out to the immediately eligible customers who have expressed interest and begin the scheduling of both residential and commercial installations.  The projected timeline for installations beginning in earnest is approximately the beginning of December.  Isolated customers based on their proximity to the backbone may see services a bit sooner, but will be on a case by case basis.  Marshall FiberNet THANKS YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!!!!! We will be rolling out installations in an orderly manner as fast as we can!!!!  We will get to everyone!!  The next phases will consist of “Aerial-West/Downtown” then the underground neighborhoods.  Due to the nature of underground construction, we will realistically not be installing services in those areas until spring after the snow melts and the ground thaws.  Design, bid, build…these are the processes that will be ongoing while we are building the next phases.  Stay tuned!