News & Updates

October 23, 2017

Progress notes...

Ok, on behalf of Team FiberNet, we thought it was time to put out a quick update on the status of the FiberNet project. The project is proceeding in a series of stages, many building off of the previous steps in the process.  Right now,...

September 26, 2017

Backbone nearing completion!!

Marshall FiberNet is pleased to pass on the news that Phase One “the backbone” is nearing completion!! Phase Two will be the first residential build-out.  We are working on finalizing construction drawings, and preparing post-bid contracts for council to approve. The hurricanes that hit Houston...

August 17, 2017

Backbone construction moving right along!!!

This is what we want to see!!!  This shows our construction contractor Earthcomm installing the fiber optic cable as part of the “Backbone” construction phase.  Exciting times are here and it’s only going to get better!!! Stay tuned for further developments and updates!!!

July 24, 2017

FiberNet construction begins in earnest!!!

Dateline Marshall, Construction has officially started!!  The first stretches of “strand” (the steel wire cable that supports the Fiber Optic cable) are being installed today up on Brewer St and Old 27 N.!!!!!! The Marshall FiberNet team encourages you to take extra driving precautions in...

July 7, 2017

Crews swinging into action!!!

That’s right!! Crews are beginning the “Make-Ready” process.  This stage of work prepares the poles and existing cable configurations to allow our construction contractors to work efficiently and safely on the “Backbone” path around the city.  TRANSLATION: It’s happening!!! FiberNet is coming soon!!! Stay tuned...

June 29, 2017

Backbone construction (Phase 1) approved by council!!!

After an exhaustive Bid process, Council on June 19th approved the awarding of a contract for construction of the first phase of the FiberNet project!!! The FiberNet team is now working to continue the design process for the remaining phases of construction!!  (Stay tuned for...