Nodes and customers coming online regularly!!

Hello everyone!! As a quick update, the latest node came online yesterday at the intersection of Sibley and East Dr., bringing the total percentage of the city that is ready for installation to roughly 20%!! We are scheduling installations every day somewhere in the city!! Construction is progressing steadily in the back alleys downtown, and marking flags are popping up like spring flowers on the East side where underground work is beginning!!! West-siders are not being neglected, we have launched construction for your phase as well!!! GET ON THE LIST IF YOU HAVEN’T!!!! Click on the “sign up” button on Facebook, or click the “add me to the list” button on the homepage…
Please be patient, we are adding a node a week roughly, and hope to continue or quicken that pace as construction continues throughout the spring and summer months!!! Friends don’t let friends miss out on FiberNet!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!
~Team FiberNet~