Construction continues!!

Hey there FiberNet fans!! Ever wonder what it looks like up on top of the water towers? Here is a sneak peek at some of the technology that is primarily communications based, and a bird’s eye view (partial) of our beautiful city!!!
On behalf of Team FiberNet (2/3 of us are veterans) we would like to extend a warm Thank You!! To all of the veterans and active duty (yes reservists too) folks out there a day ahead of Veteran’s day. And don’t think I forgot, HAPPY BIRTHDAY USMC!!!! (today)
Construction is ramping up again for this the 2nd phase of the project, and as a few areas are made available to us we are scheduling installs. We are going to crawl before walking and walk before running, but we’re getting our track shoes on and will be hitting it hard as soon as we can!!! Our motto is “we’ll get to everybody If they don’t get us first!!” (We’re hurrying!!!) 
Feel free to submit questions here or on Facebook, we’ll be updating the FAQ section soon!!!