200 Customer plateau reached!!!!

WHOA!!! IT’S HOT!!!!
Know what else is hot? Our installation schedule!!! We cracked the 200 customer barrier today!!!
I’d like to pass along a huge “WELL-DONE!!!” to the FiberNet staff and installation crew!! As well as to our construction partners for getting us to this milestone!!! We are a long way from done, and the best news is that we are picking up speed as we go!! We’ve only been installing customers on the residential side for 3 months and already the pace is quickening, and with some luck we anticipate completion of installation city-wide around the new year!! (ahead of schedule for those keeping track 😉 again, well done everyone!!
GET ON MY LIST IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY!! and I cannot state this strongly enough (I promise no all-caps) but, please please please answer when we call!!! The biggest slowdown we have is trying to reach people who are in areas that are ready!!!!!! Have a great week everyone!!!
~Team FiberNet~