Frequently Asked Questions

What is Marshall FiberNet?

FiberNet is the city’s fiber-optic, ultra-high speed Internet service.

Where will service be available?

For the foreseeable future, service will be available only within the Marshall city limits.

When will service be available?

We will be building out the network in phases, starting with “backbone” construction, which is the ring enabling us to build into the neighborhoods in the following phases.  As construction in those neighborhoods is completed, we will reach out to interested customers in those areas ahead of time to schedule installation appointments.  This is currently expected to begin in January.  Please be patient!! We will get to everybody!!

What will the cost be?

We will have multiple residential AND commercial service level options (tiers) to choose from, please visit the “Service Area and Rates” tab for a complete listing.

Will you be providing TV or Phone service?

At this time we will only be providing an Ultra High-Speed data connection (Internet).

We are currently exploring “add-on” services in the form of subscribed video services, and possibly phone services.  Emphasis on “Exploring” at this stage…

How will I be able to watch TV when “Un-bundling” will make my other services more expensive?

There are a rapidly growing number of “Over the Top” or “Streaming” services available for people to use to watch live TV or On Demand TV/Movies. i.e. Netflix, Hulu, DirectTVNow. Many network/content providers such as HBO and ESPN as well as several of the major sports networks already offer the ability to subscribe and watch content on demand. In many cases, depending on your viewing preferences this may result in a lower cost per month when you factor in the lower cost of the FiberNet connection compared to other providers. 

The FiberNet team is exploring options as potential video offerings for residents to consider in the future.

What about Phone?

There are several VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) providers requiring only an internet connection.  i.e. Vonage, 8×8, RingCentral, Mitel. Many have free and easy set-up requirements and in many cases you can keep your old phone number (This may vary by provider).

The FiberNet team is exploring options for potential voice offerings for residents to consider in the future.

Will static IP addresses be available?

Yes,a custom-tailored number of usable addresses will be included in the 150Mbps and higher commercial packages.

How do I sign up?

Installation appointments will be based on specific completion dates for sections of the city ready for connection. The FiberNet department STRONGLY encourages interested residents and businesses to contact the customer service team indicating your interest. On the home page you may get on our “I’m Interested” list by selecting the red “Add me to the list” button and filling out a basic information form.  You may reach us by email at or by phone at 269.781.5183 ext. 1506. Please leave us your name, address, and telephone number. We will be reaching out to customers residing in areas where fiber will be completed first to ensure an orderly scheduling of installation.  Please be patient!! We will get to everyone!!!!

Where can I find more information?

Follow us on this page for periodic updates to the progress of the project.

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What do I need to do to get my service installed?

As the network nears completion in each of the 24 neighborhoods around the city, we will be reaching out to people on the “I’m Interested List” (go to the home page and click on the “add me to the list” button if you haven’t already please only do this once) to let them know that service will be available in a short period of time so that we can get commitments and so that residents can plan their service needs accordingly. (check on contract commitments, etc.).

Once we make contact, and you do indeed want service (who wouldn’t, right?) we will need to collect a $50 security deposit for the modem/router equipment that we will be placing in your home.  At that point we will schedule an installation date, and a technician will roll to your address.  The first step in the process is to run the line from the pole to your house, known as the “drop”.  From there, your technician will work with you to determine the best location for your modem/router based on your usage needs.  Then next step is to run a fiber optic line from the outside to that location.  Then your technician will work with you to make sure you are able to connect your devices to the internet and once you’re comfortable with your service, sit back and enjoy!!